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Spectra Image creates captivating visuals of people, places, and things.  This includes a wide range of imagery including portraitures, portfolios, architectural and real estate photography, 3D models, virtual tours, LIDAR imaging, and terrain mapping. An innovative approach and attention to detail ensure that a clients' visual needs are met with precision and creativity.


Photographs and videos for a range of uses including modeling and product portfolios, advertising, fine art portratures, and events


Images, videos, 3D modeling, and virtual tours for architects, realtors, and home owners.  


Images contain information not easily seen with standard photographic techniques and equipment.  On a large scale, a builder, architect, Realtor or home owner may be interested in a property's overall layout and composition.  On a slightly smaller scale, high precision scans of  interiors and products are essential for remodling, reconstruction, production, and restoration.

The image below is a 35 acre area taken from Google Maps.  While it's useful to get a general idea of how the property is laid out, it doesn't provide a lot of detail.

The second image is the same area as the first image, but shows the relative height of the terrain.  It's created with an aerial drone equipped with a LIDAR sensor that senses the ground under the tree canopy.  Notice the small creek on the right side of the image that's invisible in the original photograph.  Accuracy is within a few centimeters. 


The third image shows the relative grade of the terrain.  Lighter colors indicate a steeper grade.


Finally, a fully digital movie of the entire property.  It begins with a complete orbit of the property if different modes:  photographic data, height encoded data, digital elevation map, and digital elevation with contour lines.  The contour lines were arbitrarily set to 2 meters.

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